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What is Luminopia and how does it work?

Luminopia is the first FDA-approved* binocular therapy for amblyopia. With Luminopia, patients ages 4-7 can choose from more than 1,100 hours of popular 2-dimensional TV shows and or movies to watch within a commercially available virtual reality (VR) headset. Our software algorithms take the content, modify it in real-time, and present it differently to each eye to rebalance the input to the brain, which has been shown to improve vision over time in appropriate patients with amblyopia.

*De Novo granted in Oct 2021.

How do I get a prescription for Luminopia?

Luminopia can be prescribed by a trained eye-care professional in the United States.

What are the results of clinical trials with Luminopia?

Luminopia has been tested in 3 clinical trials with around 200 patients. Our gold standard Phase 3 pivotal trial demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of Luminopia in children aged 4-7 years. Patients who received Luminopia improved by 1.8 lines on average on a standard eye-chart after 12 weeks compared to 0.8 lines of improvement in the control group, which received glasses only.

Do I need to own a VR headset to use Luminopia?

No, we will provide a qualified headset for you to use for the duration of treatment with Luminopia.

How should Luminopia be used?

The Luminopia software works on compatible off-the-shelf VR headsets included in the Directions For Use. Once you receive a prescription for Luminopia, treatment consists of watching TV for 1 hour a day, 6 days a week.

Can Luminopia be used for everyone?

Luminopia is indicated for the improvement in vision of amblyopia patients age 4-7 who are either new to treatment or have tried other treatments like eye-patching or atropine eye drops.

Why do I have to obtain Luminopia through a prescription?

Luminopia received marketing authorization from the FDA as a prescription-use medical device, and therefore, it is only available under the supervision of an eye-care professional.

Should I be worried about screen time or the effects of VR with Luminopia?

The recommended dose of Luminopia is one hour a day, six days a week, which falls within the American Academy of Pediatrics screen time guidelines for young children. In addition, one of the benefits of using a VR headset is that the TV shows and Movies are projected at “optical infinity” (or far in the distance) so you don’t have to worry about any risks of your child sitting too close to a screen.

Will my child experience any side effects from using the Luminopia treatment?

In the Luminopia Phase 3 pivotal trial, no serious adverse events (AEs) were reported. The most frequent non-serious AE potentially related to Luminopia was headache (14.3%), for which all cases were graded as mild, transient, and resolved on their own.

Does my family's data remain safe and private if my child uses Luminopia?

Cybersecurity and patient data privacy are very important to us. With this in mind, Luminopia was designed based on industry leading standards for cybersecurity and patient data privacy. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy which can be found at

How much does Luminopia cost?

Luminopia is committed to ensuring affordable access for all patients. The treatment is offered as a monthly prescription and the team at PhilRx Pharmacy will help you find the lowest cost possible.

After I purchase Luminopia, can it be used for more than one child?

No, Luminopia is prescribed on a patient-by-patient basis and the software algorithms are designed to treat amblyopia in a single patient.

I have general questions about my child using the Luminopia treatment. What should I do?

We recommend that you direct any medical questions to your eye-care professional. If you have questions about your prescription, please contact our partner pharmacy Phil at (855) 977-0975. For any additional questions, please contact the Luminopia Support Line at (855) 586-4756 or

How do I refill my child's prescription for Luminopia?

Toward the end of each 30-day prescription, our partner pharmacy PhilRx will reach out to you directly with a reminder to confirm your refill. If you do not hear from PhilRx, please contact them at (855) 977-0975.

How will I know if my insurance covers Luminopia?

Our partner pharmacy PhilRx will contact your health plan on your behalf and let you know if Luminopia is covered by your plan. If it is not, PhilRx will offer a self-pay option so you can still access the treatment.

How long is a Luminopia prescription?

Luminopia is a 30-day prescription, and the total duration of treatment will be determined by your eye-care professional.

How can my child's eyecare professional learn more about Luminopia?

Your child's doctor can learn more about Luminopia at or they can complete a form to have one of our Account Managers visit their office to demo Luminopia and answer any questions they may have

Treatment Questions
Why does my child need to watch an hour of videos per day, 6 days per week? Is it safe to watch less or more?

One hour per day, six days per week is the recommended dose authorized by the FDA based on the results of our Phase 3 pivotal clinical trial. Other treatment regimens have not been studied.

How do I know when my child has completed their treatment?

Within the application, there is a daily usage timer that shows the number of minutes remaining in your child’s treatment for the day. A pop-up will also appear at the end of each day reminding your child when treatment is over. We recommend that all patients receive at least 3 months of treatment, since this was the duration studied in our Phase 3 pivotal clinical trial. After that, your eye-care professional will determine whether your child is continuing to benefit from Luminopia and decide whether to continue treatment.

Can my child pause during sessions?

The recommended treatment regimen is 1 hour of continuous use per day.

What should I do if my child feels the headset is too heavy?

Luminopia is designed so that children can go through treatment while sitting upright, reclining, or lying down on their back. Choose a position that is most comfortable for your child.

Do I need to sit with my child while they use Luminopia?

Parents know their children best. Luminopia is designed to be engaging for patients, and a pop-up will appear when treatment is done for the day. Remind your child to remove the headset once the pop-up appears.

How does the Luminopia content library work?

We most recently doubled our content library in December 2023. There are a variety of shows in the library, including animated and live action. Luminopia is FDA-approved for children age 4-7 and all content is appropriate for that age group.

Does my child need to wear their glasses while using Luminopia?

Yes, your child should always wear their glasses while using Luminopia.

Is an internet connection required?

Yes, currently a Wi-Fi network or smartphone hotspot is required to undergo treatment with Luminopia.

What devices are compatible with Luminopia?

The Pico G2 4K VR headset is the current VR headset qualified to work with Luminopia. We are continuously assessing new headsets and will add to this list as soon as they become qualified.

Is Luminopia available outside of the US?

Luminopia is currently only approved for use in the United States.