PhilRx will contact you by fax if anything is needed to complete the prescription
Step 01
Find Luminopia in
your EHR
Step 02
Find PhilRx in
your EHR
Step 03
Send ERx to PhilRx
(Columbus, OH 43235)
Step 01
Fill out enrollment form
Step 02
Fax (888) 975-0603
Phone (855) 977-0975
Offices can also contact PhilRx via email at for any follow-up questions
To minimize callbacks include:
  • Patient name, date of birth, and gender
  • Caregiver name & mobile number
  • IDC-10 code for amblyopic eye
  • Prescribed dose (1 hour per day/6 days per week)
  • Number of monthly refills (6-12 recommended)
David Epley, MD
Pediatrix Eye Care
“The prescribing process is easy now. It’s just like with any medication. I go into my EHR, prescribe it, send it electronically to PhilRx, and it’s done."
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Follow your patients’ progress in the Luminopia Adherence Portal

Screenshot of Luminopia adherence portal
You can now follow along with your patients' amblyopia treatment. PhilRx will share your patients' access codes for you to see weekly and overall adherence trends for each of your patients.
  • Give your office staff portal access so they can help you manage treatment
  • You can check before or during an appointment to see up-to-date patient information