There’s an easier way to treat lazy eye (amblyopia)

Give your children the choice to watch TV to improve their vision

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Photo of child wearing Luminopia VR headset with dad

What is Luminopia?

Luminopia gives children the opportunity to watch TV for 1 hour a day, 6 days a week instead of wearing an eye patch.1

Our comfortable, lightweight VR headset displays the TV content which keeps children engaged and distraction-free throughout treatment.1

Unlike patching and drops, which punish the strong eye, Luminopia teaches children with lazy eye to use both eyes together in a way that works to improve their vision. Our technology is proven to also help children who have already patched or used drops.1-3

Luminopia is an amblyopia medical device available by prescription only.


Our proprietary software includes 75 shows—that’s 3,100+ episodes
of carefully curated

Our proprietary software includes 75
shows—that’s 3,100+ episodes
of carefully curated content

Kid-friendly shows include favorites such as Sesame Street®, SpongeBob SquarePants™, Wild Kratts®—all without the need for a separate subscription.

The Loud House™
Wild Kratts®
Sponge Bob SquarePants™
Puss in Boots™
Project Mc2™
How To Train Your Dragon™
Dora the Explorer™
So many popular shows children can enjoy thanks to our trusted entertainment partners
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How Luminopia works

Luminopia is the first FDA-approved*, dual-acting binocular treatment for lazy eye.

Visuals are dulled in the strong eye to help strengthen the weaker eye4

Opposite parts of the image in both eyes are blocked which teaches the brain to use both eyes together to see the full image5

*De novo granted in October 2021.
So many reasons to 
ve Luminopia
“My son is five and refused to patch, so we opted for Luminopia. I can’t thank you enough. Now, the first thing he wants to do in the morning is watch his favorite show on his ‘special TV.’“
Ruby, parent
“We've been so happy with Luminopia. It turned a tearful task of patching into something my daughter enjoys!”
Alyssa, parent
"My son absolutely loves your invention! Thank you so much for being creative, innovative and so forward thinking! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!"
Luiza, parent
Children can treat their lazy eye from the comfiest spots like their favorite couch, a squishy bean bag, or the snuggliest bed in the house.

Not only is Luminopia clinically proven, but it’s also parent and child approved1-3

  • Nearly 2 lines vision improvement in 12 weeks

  • Luminopia even works in patients who have been treated with other therapies like patching or drops

  • Treatment is only 1 hour per day, 6 days a week


Patient compliance


of parents prefer Luminopia over patching3
Most common side effect reported were headaches (14.3% Luminopia vs. 1.7% control), all graded as mild and not lasting

Your doctor has prescribed Luminopia for your child. Now what?

Image of PhilRx text message to parent

You will receive a text from PhilRx Pharmacy to enroll and submit your insurance information. PhilRx Pharmacy determines insurance coverage and collects your monthly payment.

Boy opening up Luminopia VR headset box

Once enrollment is complete and PhilRx collects payment, a headset is shipped and your unique access code is texted to you. Your access code is used to log into the headset to start therapy.

Setup is simple. No calibration is required

VR headset back after treatment completion

When your child's therapy is complete, we'll send you a prepaid label to return the headset.

PhilRx Pharmacy determines insurance coverage and helps you manage monthly billing throughout the course of treatment.
Contact PhilRx with any questions (855) 977-0975

Dedicated to serving patients and parents every step of the way

Our Patient Access Program makes it possible to:
  • Ensure families with children prescribed Luminopia can access therapy
  • Provide reimbursement assistance
  • Offer in-house technical customer support

Already have your child’s headset? If you have questions about Luminopia, contact our customer support team

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